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Are you a big fan of the marketing advantages that you have been able to get from Who’s Mailing What!? Would you like to be able to make some extra revenue from recommending this content to others who may benefit from this information? You can do so by joining our Affiliate Marketing Program.


What is the Who’s Mailing What! Affiliate Marketing Program?

Affiliate marketing is a method of helping promote Who's Mailing What! and receive a commission for each new customer you provide us.

You simply need to sign up for WMW!’s Affiliate Program, and we will set you up with an account and a link that you can use on your website to direct customers directly back to the site. What makes this special is that the links include an id which is directly connected to you, so that when a customer makes a purchase after following this link, you are paid a commission for each and every purchase of WMW!’s products made from that link.

WMW! makes use of cookies to track affiliate referrals, and keeps a record of all of your referrals made to the site. When a potential customer signs in to request a free trial, your referral information is added to their customer record, ensuring that you will always get credit for valid customers that you send our way. What this means is that if you refer someone and, say 30 days later, they make a purchase, you will still be given credit for the referral.

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How to Get Started

Simply register for the affiliate program using the registration form. We will provide you with a customized affiliate link to use on your website, as well as several images and banners you can use to help promote WMW!

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How Can I Make the Most
from the WMW! Affiliate Program?

While simply creating a few carefully placed links on your website may help in generating some sales, there are a few techniques you can use to increase the likelihood that qualified customers will follow this link and make a purchase

On the internet, content is king. Try and find ways of working a link to the WMW! Affiliate Program into your site, including any blog posts you create. Relevant links that actually help solve a problem for your readers are more likely to generate a positive response.

For example, if you are writing a blog post about direct marketing techniques and researching how to find good quality controls for a marketing campaign, it makes sense to make a mention of the WMW service to help solve this problem for your readers. If you are writing specifically for an audience that wants to make the most of their direct marketing campaigns, use your custom WMW affiliate link to both provide people with a quality product and also get paid for it.

As a user of WMW! yourself, you already know its value. Make sure you mention that you use it yourself; people tend to trust first-person testimonials more than a blanket sales pitch.

In the process of creating your mailing list, you have already established a group of people who may be interested in this type of product. It makes sense to take advantage of this interest to boost your revenue. When you send out your newsletter or any other marketing materials, you can include your affiliate link as another option for generating revenue.

Find out what matters to direct marketers and learn what sort of search terms they are using to find answers to their marketing question. Build a special page on your website for promoting the WMW! program and fill it with useful content. Create content around these topics, and make sure you provide easy access to WMW! using your affiliate link.

If you really want to get serious about making some money from recommending WMW!, you could consider running some Google Ads or other types of advertising programs to promote the WMW! platform.

How can I optimize the chances that people will follow the Affiliate link?

Link Placement

If the link is in a prominent place on your site or newsletter, this will increase the chance that potential customers will follow it. This is particularly true if you use any of our banners or advertisements.


Make sure you link to the WMW! Affiliate Program in the most logical places. Consider the information you have learned while doing research in WMW! itself. By looking at controls, you can see what sort of message appeals most to people. Why not make use of this for driving customers directly to click on your affiliate link?


When reading articles, you often see little quotes or snippets of text highlighted and put in their own section on the page. These are called “callouts” and are used to emphasize important points. When writing in your blog, or on your web page, consider using a callout with a link to the WMW! site as a major point. You can emphasize the importance of a tool like WMW! for direct marketing clients. You will be doing them a favor as well as helping yourself.

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